15mm Copper Pipe

15mm Copper Pipe can be used for a range of applications. It is especially suited to plumbing and heating applications due to it's excellent heat transfer properties. I15mm Copper Pipe is also durable and strong meaning it can withstand harsh environments.

15mm Copper Pipe Manufacturers

Wednesbury Tube

Wednesbury Tube is a Copper Pipe manufacturere and ooperates from a site in Bilston, Great Britain.

Yorkshire Copper

Yorkshire Copper Tube is a leading supplier of copper pipe to the United Kingdom and many countries worldwide.

Lawton Tubes

The Lawton Tube Company Limited is the UK's leading independent manufacturer of copper pipe.

15mm Copper Pipe Suppliers

15mm Copper Pipe cab be bought from the following places...

B&Q Copper Pipe

Trading Depot Copper Pipe

Homebase Copper Pipe

15mm Copper Pipe Price

The value of copper means that the value of 15mm copper pipe can be expensive. Copper pipe can vary in price dramatically depending upon where you buy it from. It's important before starting any project to do some research in to copper pipe prices.

15mm Copper Pipe Fittings

You will need various 15mm pipe fittings such as a Equal Tee and 90 degree bends, when working with 15mm copper pipe. It's important to make sure that you have the correct sizes before you start work. In order to make corners, you may also uses a copper pipe bender.

15mm Copper Pipe